Research Activities:


1.    Ongoing Minor Research Project titled,“A Survey of Historical Importance of the Heritage Sites in Raniganj” sponsored by the Regional Directorate of NSS, Kolkata, Department of Youth Affairs,Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India vide letter Reference No. F.NO-P-24-2/RD/NSS/KOL/SAP/2018-19/3307/3316 dated the 1stFebruary, 2019.

Dr Alokkumar De, AssociateProfessor of Physics, is engaged in collaborative research at the national level with the members of VECC, DAE, Government of India.

2.    Dr Alokkumar De, Associate Professor of Physics, is a part of the Indian team engaged in an international collaborative research, the MATS collaboration, on FAIR (Facility forAntiproton and Ion Research), built in cooperation with an international community of countries and scientists.

3.     Two faculty members are pursuing research under a doctoral degree programme. One faculty member hasbeen awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. One librarian has completed his M Phil in the academic session.

4.     Dr Anita Mishra, Associate Professor of Hindi and Dr Laxminarayn Sahoo, Assistant Professor of Mathematics are engaged as Ph D guides.

5.    In the academic session2018-19, under the guidance of Dr Anita Mishra, one PhD scholar, Portia Sarkar [RegistrationNo. Phd/Regn/Hindi/A/670 dated 28.12.2011] successfully submitted her PhD thesis titled ‘Renuke Kathetar Sahitya mein manviya samsyayo ke vividh ayam” toThe University of Burdwan leading to the award of the degree of the Ph D on18/12/2018 to the scholar.

6.     In-house publication of researched articles by Raniganj Girls' College in the form of a book: "Seven Decades of Indian Independence; A collection of articles; Raniganj Girls' College; 20th June 2019; ISBN 978-93-88868-27-3"

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