Eco Club


Green campus is theneed of the hour. The ECO-CLUB of the college was constituted with a vision tocreate environmental consciousness, build an eco-friendly campus and inculcatehabits leading towards environmental sustainability.

  1. Awareness built through class lectures in Environmental Studies
  2. Students are encouraged to do Projects in Environmental Studies utilizing old and recycled paper.
  3. Annual plantation programme
  4. Maintenance of the Medicinal plant garden
  5. Maintenance of the seasonal flower garden
  6. Rearing indoor plant that purify air
  7. Utilization of the backyard of the college for cultivating seasonal vegetables.
  8. Rain water harvesting
  9. Use of solar street lights in the campus at night
  10. Increase in the use of LED bulbs
  11. Use of Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) switches to prevent waste of electricity andward off any accident.
  12. Convert the bio-degradable waste materials into vermi-compost forour own vegetation.
  13. Use of constructed burial pits for management of waste water from theChemistry laboratory.
  14. Only Pollution under Control (PUC) certified vehicles are allowed toenter the campus.
  15. Use ofplastics is minimised
  16. Use oftobacco in the campus premises is restricted.
  17. Water purifiers are cleaned and maintained regularly 

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