National Service Scheme (NSS)

National Service Scheme is a Programme run by the Ministry OfYouth Affairs & Sports, Government Of India. The objective of the NSS ispersonality development through community service. Presently there are twounits of NSS at the college. Apart from regular activities throughout the year,each NSS unit also organizes a special camp every year at its adopted villagelocated within a distance of 5 kilometers from the college campus. Each specialcamp runs for 10 days. Application forms for joining NSS are available from NSSProgramme officers. Successful volunteers who participate in regular activitiesof the NSS for 240hours and attend a special camping Programme (for 10 daysi.e. for 240 hours) are given a certificate from the department of NSS, KaziNazrul University, Asansol, West Bengal.

About NSS Programmes/Activities:-

NSS activities are oftwo types:- normal and special camping programme.


Normal activities areagain of two types: on-campus programmes and off-campus programmes.

On-Campus Programmes:-

  •  Awareness Building Of NSS Volunteers On Various Social Issues.
  •  Environment Programme And Campus Cleaning Activities.
  •  First AID Training.
  •  Blood Donation Camp.
  •  Celebration Of Different Events And NSS Week.

-: Achievements :-

NSS Programme Officers :-

Sr. No. Name of the Program Officer Cell No
1 Dr Anita Mishra 9474XXXXXX
2 Dr Sima Mandal 9434XXXXXX

Extension activities of the college through NSS

Sr. No. Date Activities
3 09.03.2017 to 10.03.2017 UGC sponsored two day National Level Seminar entitled “National Integrity and Its Crisis: The Role and Responsibilities of NSS” organized by National Service Scheme , Raniganj Girls’ College, in Collaboration with Maliah Heritage Society
4 17.09.2017 to 23.09.2017 Orientation Training For NSS Programme Officers Organised By: Empanelled Training Institute (NSS), Ramakrishna Mission Ashram,Narendrapur, Kolkata In Association With: NSS Units, Raniganj Girls’ College, Kazi Nazrul University
5 1st January, 2018 to 31st January, 2018 Republic Day Parade Camp, New Delhi: 2018, Viswa Yuba Kendra, New Delhi (Program Officer: Tushar Kanti Banerjee)

-: Department Details :-

NSS Department Details

National Service Scheme Is A Programme Run By The Ministry Of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government Of India. The Objective Of The NSS Is Personality Development Through Community Service. Presently There Are Two Units Of NSS At The College. Apart From Regular Activities Throughout The Year, Each NSS Unit Also Organizes A Special Camp Every Year At Its Adopted Village Located Within A Distance Of 5 Kilometers From The College Campus. Each Special Camp Runs For 10 Days. Application Forms For Joining NSS Are Available From NSS Programme Officers. Successful Volunteers Who Participate In Regular Activities Of The NSS For 240hours And Attend A Special Camping Programme (for 10 Days I.e. For 240 Hours) Are Given A Certificate From The Department Of NSS, The University Of Burdwan.


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